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Bioenergy Research, Information and Demonstration Center

Bioenergy Research, Information and Demonstration Center was established with funding support from Karnataka State Bioenergy Development Board, Govt. of Karnataka in 2012. The objective of the project is to produce Biodiesel from non edible oilseeds such as Pongamia, Neem, Simaruba, Jatropa and etc.. through which dependency on petroleum diesel will be reduced. This project is designed by the board in such a way that all stake holders of the society are benefited including environment of the village. The vision is to plant more number of oilseed trees to be taken in fallow lands, government lands and bunds of farmers’ field. This will help to generate huge quantity of non edible oil seeds in village level. Thus, farmers and rural people get additional income from selling seeds. Meanwhile, plantation helps to improve the health of environment significantly. Seeds are purchased  by BRIDC and crushes the seeds to produce oil and then converting these oil into biodiesel through trans-esterification process. These biodiesels can be blended @10 to 20% with petroleum diesels and will be used in all diesel engines/vehicles. The biofuels have the characteristics of complete combustion that reduces the carbon  emissions by 25% while giving good mileage per liter. Cost of the biodiesel also 10% cheaper as they are produced from locally available materials and consumed locally. Bi-products like oil cakes, glycerol have their own applications in farming and detergent industries respectively. Hence, every product and byproducts produced during the diesel production is valuable. The entire value chain adds value to human and environment and thus meaningful impact is being created at village level. Oils and oil cakes are now fetching very good prices since their application as biopestiscide and biofertilizers is increased many fold. BRIDC, Tukkanatti has conducted hundreds of awareness and training to practicing farmers, rural youth, elected members of Gram Panchayats and Taluk Panchayats programme on biofuels and its by-products. Every year during World Environment Day and World Biofuel day, thousands of Biofuel seeds are distributed and planted and thus promoted the health of environment through biofuels programme. Now, Govt. of Karnataka has given importance to use biodiesel blended fuels in all government vehicles. Efforts of BRIDCs to will continue to expand in tree plantation, biodiesel production and promoting byproducts usage in organic food production.

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