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Animal Husbandry sector plays a vital role in agriculture based rural economy. The activities mainly constitute dairying, sheep rearing, goat rearing, piggery, rabbit and poultry keeping. Although the activities remain traditional particularly in rural areas, the process of liberalization and reforms under scientific advancement are commencing gradually for ensuring sustainable growth of livestock, poultry and small ruminants to achieve nutritional security and economic prosperity. Over past two and half decade, ICAR-BIRDS KrishiVigyan Kendra- Tukkanatti is serving farmers of the district through various interventions by implementing FLD’s, OFT’s,  skill trainings and other extension activities. Dairying in Belagavi is exemplary of small holder dairying as practiced in much of Karnataka and India with some wrinkles. Milk is the major source of income generated by cattle and buffalo rearing and over the past several decades, milk production by dairy cows and buffaloes has increased markedly. Sheep & Goat rearing is meant for meat and fleece. Poultry rearing in both back yard farm and commercial basis is for both egg and meat. Belagavi’s annual milk production has increased to 88 crore kgs in 2016-17 (Integrated Sample Survey, GoK). In association with Dept. of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services, KMF, ATMA & KVAFSU, KrishiVigyan Kendra is adding value to animal farming community. Due to vast river belt area, suitable environment and productive animals, Belagavi district supplies milk and its products to neighboring states such as Goa, Maharashtra, AndraPradesh& Kerala.