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The term horticulture is derived from two Latin words hortus, means ‘garden’, and cultura means ‘cultivation’. It refers to “garden cultivation”. Horticulture is a science, as well as, an art of production, utilisation and improvement of horticultural crops, such as fruits and vegetables, spices and condiments, ornamental, plantation, medicinal and aromatic plants. Horticultural crops require intense care in planting, carrying out intercultural operations, manipulation of growth, harvesting, packaging, marketing, storage and processing. The production of horticultural commodities is far less as compared to the existing demand in the country. So, there is a vast scope to produce more horticultural crops. There has been an increase in irrigation facilities but there are crops, which even with little watering, can survive. One only needs to ensure adequate water management. Some dry land horticultural crops, like jamun, ber, tamarind, wood apple, custard apple, ramphal, etc., can be grown on rainfed land also. High return, coupled with government assistance, through Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) guidance, schemes and financial aid, attract the rich and poor, trained and educated people towards horticulture. ICAR-BIRDS Krishi Vigyan Kendra is serving horticulture farmers of the district since 1995 through various interventions, skill trainings and extension methods. The district is well-known for production of a variety of horticultural crops; it enjoys good agro-climatic conditions. The total geographical area of Belgaum district is 13,44,382 hectare, Net sown area in the district is 8,39,242 hectares, which is 62% of the total geographical area: Out of the total cultivable area 80,699 hectares is covered under horticulture (2016-17). Horticulture area in the district accounts for about 6.00 percent of the total geographical area forming about 9.61 percent of the total cultivable area. The productions of Horticulture in the district were 12, 31,235 metric tonnes during 2016-17. In association with Dept. of Horticulture, ATMA, KSDA, NHM, PGS India, Krishi Vigyan Kendra is adding value to horticulture farming community. KVK being integral part of FPOs of the district by giving technical interventions. Agro-climatic condition of the district is favourable to expansion of the dryland horticulture of the district. In irrigated regions there is vast scope to improve the productivity of the existing horticulture crops. Belagavi district supplies various fruits, vegetables and flowers to neighbouring states such as Goa and Maharastra. Good transportation facility and connectivity offers good marketing opportunities for all types of horticulture commodities to the distant places of the country.