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Soil and Water Testing Lab

Available facilities in Soil and Water Testing Laboratory at KVK

1. MRIDHAPARIKSHAK soil testing Minikit:The technology of minikit based on IIS Bhopal and it can test twelve parameters (EC, pH, OC, N,P,K, S, Zn, Fe, B, Mn and Cu). In a week 40 samples can be tested. Testing of every 100 samples the stock solutions should be purchased from Nagarjuna Agro chemicals Hyderabad and is bit costlier. Hence we are purchasing stock solutions after collection of minimum 100 samples stock in lab. Rate per sample is fixed Rs. 230/-

2. Soil and water testing laboratory: The lab was established in the year 2006 and manual testing can be done by analytical method. The parameters like EC, pH, N, P and K can be done. The laboratory is not having automated/computerised analysis equipments and it is also not having Atomic Absorption Spectrophotomer (Micronutrients can be analysed with this equipment). For Soil rate per sample is fixed Rs 200/- and for water Rs. 50/- (Only EC and pH)

3. Following are the equipments available: 1. ESSAE – Electronic weighing machine  DS-415 : 150 kg : 1/7500. 2.ESSAE – Electronic weighing machine Adventure AR2140 210 Gms MC, 3. Pelican – Electronic Automatic KEL PLUS Micro processor based twelve place macro Block Digestion system model KES 12 L. 4.Electronic superior automatic distillation system with digital display – model : ELITE-EX, 5.FGCL 0378/ Flame Photometer (ss), 6.Double distillation water still (Glass) Capacity – 2 lits/hour, 7.Double distillation water still (Quartz) Capacity – 4 lit/hour, 8.Rotary shaker Size: 18’ X 18’, 9.Laboratory willy mill, 10.Hot Air Oven, 11.Water bath with 12 concentric Rings with digital indicator, 12. FGCM 183 EC TDS Analyser with CC-03 B & ATC Probe, 13. FGLI 120 Digital pH meter with combined electrode CL-5, 14.Scanning visible Spectra Photometer, 15.Whirlpool Refrigerator

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